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Sabang Oasis is a small resort hotel consisting of 12 modern rooms located in the center of Sabang Beach.

Sabang Beach is accessible by road and sea, it is connected to 2 other beaches and surrounding by hillsides covered with coconut trees and exotic plants.

The climate here is temperate allowing for holidays and scuba diving all year round.

If you have any questions you would like to ask us please email us at and we will respond directly.
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About Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera, on the northern tip of Mindoro Island, is known as one of the most beautiful natural harbours in the world. The Spanish long ago explored the “Port of the Galleons” for trade links with China and beyond. More recent visitors have been discovering the fine beaches, clear waters and very friendly people.

Puerto Galera, dubbed as the Pearl of Mindoro, is a beach resort town located on the north shore of Mindoro Island, 130 kilometers south of Manila, and 14 nautical miles from Batangas City. It comprises of 12 coastal districts (barangays or barrios) and one mountain district scattered over an area of 23,247 hectares, bordered on the north by Verde Island, on the south by Baco and Malasimbo mountains, on the northeast by the town of San Teodoro, and on the northwest by the Province of Occidental Mindoro.

The terrain is rugged with sometimes dense jungle, an irregular coastline with crystal, clear water and wide sand beaches, a natural harbor and safe anchorage. Its natural seawall, exciting dive sites, lush mountains and white pristine beaches make Puerto Galera one of the Philippine's top tourist destinations.


The Beaches

In almost every bay with a beach that's at all useable, you'll find cottages for local and foreign tourists. To the east, resorts have sprung up at Sabang Beach, Small La Laguna Beach and Big La Laguna Beach. To the south, they go as far as Tabinay Beach. To the west, Talipanan Beach development has almost reached its limit.

Sabang is a more happening place especially after dark around the discos and bars. Some restuararants are built right up to the beach and you can enjoy your meal while gazing out over the moonlit water.

There is also some action to be found on Small La Laguna Beach, although it is maybe a bit more relaxed. The beach itself is not particularly impressive. The most popular activities during the day are snorkeling and diving.

At Big La Laguna Beach there's a lot of activity. Some of the cottages here are packed close together, but the coral reef is worth seeing and is good for snorkeling.

The reefs at Balete Beach, Long Beach and Haligi Beach are also good for snorkeling, but careful: strong currents can make Boquete Beach dangerous for swimmers.

There's not much action on the beaches between San Isidro and Talipanan Point, a few km wet of Puerto Galera. The busiest one of them all is White Beach. On the other hand, the adjoining beaches of Aninuan and Talipanan in the next bay are extremely quiet. All three of them are good bathing beaches although - unlike the beaches mentioned above - snorkeling is not particularly interesting there. The water at White Beach gets very deep a few metres from shore - too deep for children and non-swimmers.


Tourist Information

Money Matters -Philippine Peso; 1 US$ = approx. 42 Pesos. (current exchange rate) We accept payments in any major currency as well as in Philppine Peso. It is advisable to take a sufficient supply of pesos along since the exchange rates offered by resorts and restaurants are often 10% below the rates in Manila. The Puerto Galera Rural Bank is located across the church. Cash,tickets and other valuables should be placed in your safety box inside of your room


Visa - Valid passport (has to be valid for at least 6 months at the date of entry) for a 21 day stay. Tourist visas from 21 to 59 days are available at consulates and embassies. Visas can be extended at the Commission on Immigration in Manila or here in Puerto Galera. You have to have a valid return or onward ticket.

Currency - Can be changed at Banks and "Money Changers" or in large hotels and resorts. Exchange rates for traveler's checks are usually 1-2 Pesos below the regular cash rate!


Credit Cards - Visa,Mastercard and American Express are accepted by our resort but payments are subject to a 6.5% surcharge from the payment processors.


Season - High season is traditionally late December to early May, although the area is busy at weekends throughout the year and during any Asian Holiday. The traditional low season, May and June, September and October often has the best weather and diving conditions. If you are considering a vacation during the major public holidays: Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year and Easter, book at least several weeks in well in advance, it can get really tough to find a room!


What to Bring - Leave your winter clothes at home! The same thing holds true for formal wear ( unless you plan to visit some fine dining restaurants in Manila). Here on the beach you'll need nothing but a few T-shirts and shorts, because, really, nobody dresses up to go out for the evening here! "Beachwear" is being sold by vendors everywhere, a t-shirt and a pair of shorts can be bought for about 5-7$, so don't spend money at home to buy yourself some summer clothes!


Climate - March to May is hot and dry; rains and typhoons abound from June to October. November to February is pleasantly cool and dry. Peak tourist season is from December up to May.


Treasures? - During the Spanish times, some galleons never reached the protection of Puerto Galera's harbor and their treasures lie hidden in the nearby waters. Adventure awaits the underwater world explorers!


Food - Native, as well as international cuisine is served in a variety of restaurants, along with a wide selection of fine wines and imported and local spirits. Nearly every resort has its own restaurant. The dishes offered is very tourist oriented and restaurants with international cuisine and dishes for every taste and budget can be found mainly along Sabang Beach and near the docks. Needless to mention, fish is the best choice here. The prices are comparable to those in the Manila tourist belt.


Watersports - The waters around Puerto Galera are rich in corals and manifold marine life. The best diving sites are located around Sabang, near Small and Big La Laguna, and on the north coast of Medio Island. The latter, known to world scientists because of its treasure of botanical and zoological specimens, abounds with thousands of terrestrial and marine plants. Fully equipped, modern training facilities for all levels of diving are available. At most beaches, there are surfboards, sailing boats, hobie cats, dive masks, snorkels and fins for rent.


Shopping - Souvenir textiles and RTW are sold in stalls along the pier, in boutiques in Poblacion and by street vendors. Handicrafts, particularly marble novelties, rattan and coconut products, can also be purchased. Fresh fruit and fish can be obtained at the public market in Poblacion or from ambulant merchants.


Mailing Service - The only post office in Puerto Golera is located near the church next to the basketball court. Some beach resorts take care of their guests' mail for a small charge.


Telephone - All Phone Networks are available in Puerto Galera. Landlines are served by Catsi as well as Smart Telecoms.


Police - There is a police station at the intersection above the docks in Poblacion and on the Municipal Compound.


Medical Care -

This is a brief overview of facilities and services available to you if you were taken sick or injured whilst on holiday. Puerto Galera is full of adventure and fun, but it is a remote destination in terms of comprehensive medical care.
We have a full Emergency Assistance Plan in our resort, that covers communication with other resorts, local hospitals and chambers. It also covers evacuation by sea and Air Force Helicopter. We have a full O2 kit and first aid kits.

In Sabang: There is one local doctor and most stores stock basic first aid supplies only.

In Puerto Galera (5km from Sabang): There is one 'lying in clinic'. This is a basic doctor's surgery equipped with more comprehensive supplies & drugs than Sabang. Puerto Galera also has two pharmacies.

In Batangas (30km from Sabang): Batangas is about one hour 30 minutes from Sabang by boat and does have at least one reasonable hospital 'St. Patrick's' that is equipped with a full pharmacy, life support equipment and operating theatre.

In Manila (120km from Sabang): Comprehensive medical care is available at 'Makati Medical Centre' and 'V. Luna Hospital' / Chamber. This would be the most likely destination in the event of serious illness or injury. The hospitals provide 'European standard' of care. Manila is about 3 hours by boat and ambulance or about 40 minutes by helicopter (allow 50 minutes for the helicopter to reach Sabang).

In Subic Bay (200km from Sabang): The main operational recompression chamber for the Philippines. Accessible by road, seaplane or helicopter. Allow a minimum of two hours from the moment of notification to reach the chamber.

There are three medical clinics, including a dental clinic, in downtown Puerto Galera. However, serious ailments or injuries should be treated in Batangas City or in Calapan or, at best, back in Manila. A new hospital just opened last December 1, 1998.


Electricity - Since power failures (brown-outs) occur frequently, many beach resorts and hotels are equipped with electric generators. The voltage is 220 volts.


How to Get Here

Puerto Galera is approximately 3-hours from Manila. Two hours by bus from Manila to Batangas followed by a 1 1/2 boat ride from Batangas pier to Puerto Galera. There is a regular transfer from the City State Hotel in Ermita that leaves at 0800 every morning arriving in Batangas at 1030 and then transfer by boat to Sabang arriving around midday.

Boats for the return trip leave at various times throughout the morning starting at 05.30 am and finishing at 1300pm. If you want the CityState Bus again leave at 0900 from Sabang Beach

For those who are arriving Manila in the afternoon but would want to proceed directly to Puerto Galera, it is highly recommended to hire a private car and rent the dive shop's dive boat for the night. Backpackers can take public buses going to Batangas. Last trip for these bus companies is at 1800. The last ferry that crosses Batangas to Puerto Galera is at 1800H.

If it is your first time to come here or you are arriving late at the airport you may find it easier to arrange a private transfer through us. We can arrange a car to pick you up from the airport or your hotel and bring you to Lea Beach, Batangas. At Lea Beach we will 0have a large private Banca waiting to transfer you directly to our resort in Sabang

You may also try a public transfer, In Manila there are lot of Buses going to Batangas Pier such as BLTB, JAM, ALPS, TRITRAN and N Dela Rosa transit. This Buses departing in different hours and most of them can be found along EDSA and Alabang City. with Last trip for these bus companies is 1800 hrs and last public boat trip to Puerto Galera is 1800

Commercial Buses From-To Manila and Batangas

  • Alps
  • Jam Transit
  • Tritran
  • BLTB
  • N. Dela Rosa Liner



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